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Message from Dan Bern

dear all,

i know, i know. it sucks, it sucks, it sucks.

i spent tuesday & wednesday alone, in the hot springs in oregon. my
favorite place in the country, a place of rebirth, etc., and it was still
barely enough. i spent 3 days going down the road of "gee, maybe they're
all right and i'm wrong. mayber they're smarter than us. maybe gays
shouldn't marry and our kids should pray in school and pot is bad and we're
right to kick ass in iraq and wherever else we feel like it." even listened
to limbaugh with a blank mind, and full belief & credence. ugh.

but hey. this ain't about me. it's about you. i just wanted to take a
moment to thank some people who've helped in so many ways this year. who i
see out there working for something besides themselves. in no particular

thanks to suman paranjape and alex tager and michelle esrick, who worked
tirelessly setting up great events, & for including me in them. to david
margulies for high sierra & for hooking me up with 12 galaxies. to adam &
robert at 12 galaxies for a great club & giants tix & wiffle ball. to marc
zolot for being a great friend & providing traveling tunes and driving me
around nyc & listening to me harrumph. to miki for driving around the
country and being a total pro--if there were 10 more of you i'd be playing
stadiums. to danielle for coming out to sell my stuff even tho i know
that's not your gig, and for being a voice on the other end of the phone.
to ani and her crew--simply the best--i admire & am inspired & so grateful
you are there. to sut jhally for a great film. to james campion for support
and wisdom and your damned zogby polls! to ty for coming to pittsburgh and
to mike for being my wild poet & now guitar friend in nyc. to everyone at
the hotel. to chris chandler & anne feeney & danny peck & randy kaplan &
garrin benfield & carlos 'n levi & jim page & andras jones and paul
sprawl, thanks for coming out & playing with me and making the shows, well,
shows. to the ijbc for recording mcII and for a great reunion in denver. to
brandon kessler for much hard work & dedication, and thanks especially for
'anthems.' to everyone at fleming. to harvey & barbara markowitz, thanks
for staying vigilant and sending so much good information. to shannon
roeder and michael fox and brian remer and the whole ny/nj crew and chris
whitley and melissa ferrick and ariane halle and clay & the indiana crew
and steve glore and sheila nicholls and c.c. white and deborah stalford and
leslie schwartz, for being friendly faces on the road. to brian prosser for
the fish stories. to marty & mary in louisville for years of providing a
home on the road. to all the clubs that let us play there & all the writers
who wrote about the records and the shows and put up with me being gruff on
the other end of some cel phone from some hotel somewhere. to eva for
letting me type this at her house. and to all of you for coming out,
showing up, supporting the cause, getting involved, getting pissed,
allowing me & many others to do what we do. thank you. your efforts, our
efforts, are not in vain.

lick the wounds. not too much 2nd-guessing. it was never going to be easy.
and it was never just about one election. lick the wounds. then back to
work. whevever you're ready.

in peace & gratitude,

dan bern

"now all this may not happen in the next 100 days
"nor perhaps in the next 1000 days
"nor perhaps in the lifetime of this administration
"nor perhaps in the lifetime of this country.
"but let us begin." *
---j.f. kennedy

*paraphrasing, kids
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